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The Mandala - Yoga Paddleboard - Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board

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Glide across the water in the most stable stand-up paddleboard on the planet. Perfect for a yoga workout or for a beginner taking to the water on a paddleboard for the first time, the Mandala is the ideal inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard.

Our paddleboards include:

  • Triple action pump to make for easy inflation ('triple action' is like shifting gears on a 10-speed bicycle for different stages).
  • Lightweight, floating, adjustable length paddle.
  • Carrying backpack that holds everything and then some (towels, lunch, etc). Backpacks has all-terrain wheels for easy pull-behind transporting of your board anywhere, including on sand)
  • Detachable safety leash to keep your board from floating away while you are in the water.
  • Stylish Cabo Lago hat, perfect for the water and to protect you from the sun.
  • Emergency repair kit
  • One year replacement warranty


Cabo Lago Paddleboard Overview

Why Cabo Lago Boards Are Better

Premium Quality - It's Simply Made Better

  • We use what is called 'Thermal Fusion Technology’ (TFT). This technology is applied during the manufacturing process by fusing a layer of high density structural PVC to the drop-stitch surface through thermal lamination, which replaces the usual molten PVC which was used to coat the inner threads section. This process is glueless and completely done by machine, keeping imperfections in the board structure to a minimum.

    This innovative fusion process results in some obvious benefits:
    • - No need to glue a layer of reinforced PVC on the outside, like most brands
    • - No glue means a much lighter board. On average, we're about 5 lbs lighter than most similarly sized boards
    • - More drop-stitch fibers means the board is stronger, more durable, and will last for years of use and enjoyment
    • - No air leaks

      Summary: Better technology. Better quality. Better board.

Why You'll Love Our Boards

We've Thought of Everything


- Our board has a 1/4" thick Deck Pad. Most other brands have a 1/8" Deck Pad. The thicker pad provides a ‘softer’ yet stable feeling, which is great for yoga and everyday use.

  • - The deck pad is a ‘Crocodile’ pattern which is not only more comfortable but it is also anti-slip, again important when performing yoga poses
  • - We use a premium quality air valve on our board. This ensures longevity of the board and air tightness, no accidental unscrewing the valve and no leaks!
  • - The metal ‘D’ Rings on our board are all made out of 316 Stainless Steel. This provides better corrosion resistance against rust. Most manufacturers only use 314 Stainless Steel and show signs up rust and corrosion.
  • - Many boards on the market try to be something they are not and are simply all purpose boards that perhaps you can do a bit of yoga on. One look at our design tells you that our board has been specifically designed for yoga, built with stability that also happens to be perfect for beginners as well.
  • - Our board is an excellent length for Yoga at 10’8” It is nice and wide at 34” and thicker than most boards at 6”. Our special rectangular shape along with the dimensions make our board the most stable board on the market, perfect for all Yoga poses
  • - Our board weighs an 'easy to carry' 24 lbs, while most other double layer boards on the market weigh in at 28 lbs or more.
  • - We have incorporated a handy detachable shoulder strap for carrying the board (if you'd like). Some people with smaller frames find it awkward to handle a board when fully inflated. The strap makes this easy. For everyone else, we also have a center handle on the board to grab and carry as well.
  • - We have a Velcro handle at the front of the board to secure your paddle while exercising. This prevents the paddle from falling off the board into the water and drifting away.
  • - Our board has three detachable fins, which also helps in making it such a stable board. Being removable, this allows a person to practice yoga on the beach or grass as well as on the water.
  • - The Mandala design is the best looking board on the market. Sure, we're biased, but we know that you will not find a more visually appealing board on the market. The beautiful Mandala design stands out as a yoga board.

What's Included?

Included in every Cabo Lago paddleboard purchase:

  • - The carrying backpack bag that the board comes in is extremely durable. Made Built as a backpack with wheels, we make it easy to transport anywhere you want to go. This is a Cabo Lago exclusive.
  • - Additionally, we have a separate compartment both inside the bag and outside the bag for storage (wet shirt, towel, etc).
  • - We have included a premium triple-action hand pump that inflates both when you push down and pull up which makes inflation quicker and easier. Most manufacturers use double action pumps or up-sell a triple action one. We include it because it is VERY important. We want you to love your board, and not dread the effort to inflate it. So we make it as easy as possible to pump up your board and get onto the water as fast as possible.
  • - One 10' coiled leash for safety and to keep your board nearby
  • - One premium 3-piece adjustable length fiberglass paddle. This floating paddle is about 4 lbs lighter than an aluminium paddle, making it a great choice for everyone that wants to use the board

FREE 3-5 Day UPS Ground Shipping

Cabo Lago is happy to offer FREE STANDARD SHIPPING on all paddleboard purchases, to orders within the continental U.S. Your order will go out no later than the next business day after placing your order, and will ship from our location in Austin, Texas and will arrive within 3-5 days via UPS Ground Shipping.

1-Year Warranty

Cabo Lago guarantees all of our products to be free of manufacturing defects, and offers a one year replacement warranty if there should ever be an issue in this regard. Proper use required.

Why Cabo Lago?

We use ‘Thermal Fusion Technology’ (TFT) to produce our boards. This exclusive technology is applied during the manufacturing process by pre-laminating a second layer of high-density structural PVC to the drop stitch surface through thermal lamination. This process is glueless and all done by machine which results in fewer imperfections in the board structure.


This innovative fusion process means there is no need to glue one more layer of reinforced PVC on the outside.


  • And no glue means a LIGHTER board (our board is, on average, about 5 lbs lighter than our competitors, while also being stronger, more durable and perfectly air tight).

The Most Stable Paddleboard

Measuring 34" wide and including 3 detachable bottom fins, this board is built to help you maintain your balance. It may be built for yoga, but it is also perfect for beginners to stand-up paddleboarding.

Easy to Inflate

Our triple action pump makes it easy to inflate your board so you can get on the water fast. Like shifting gears on a bicycle, using each setting on the pump is key to the simple inflation process.
Setting #1 is for getting started. It uses both chambers and quickly inflates during both pull up and push down. As it starts to inflate, switch to setting #2, which inflates on push only. To get to the ideal inflation level, switch to setting #3 and easily get to the 15psi mark using the single chamber, which will make the board rock solid and ready to go!

Stunningly Beautiful

We may be biased, but we think this is the most beautiful board available anywhere. Lightweight yet durable, and functional with many of the small conveniences that other brands haven't though of, the Mandala board may be the perfect paddleboard.

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Patricia K.
United States United States

The owner is amazing and we got our SUP’s we have to wait for summer since we live in Sunny Central Oregon. But we are so excited to try them out.

United States United States
SO STABLE! I can't believe how easy it is to stay up!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Mandala!!! I'm not the most graceful person and am a little above average in size, so my old board was miserable for me to use. Cabo Lago made a paddleboard that is stable enough to do yoga on, so I thought I'd give it a try. This thing is like a floating island of comfy cushiony yoga mat. I never once felt uneasy on the board and never was close to falling off! That's an upgrade over my old board, haha! Anyway, if you're thinking of buying this board, DO IT! I can't recommend it enough!

Leslie B.
Boston, MA
Love my new paddle board

Cabo Lago has made such a beautiful yoga paddle board. I was so happy to be one of the first customers and I absolutely LOVE IT! Solid as a fiberglass board but much more stable. The paddle is amazing! So light, and I love the colors!

Tracy L.
Corpus Christi, TX
Beautiful yoga board

I bought this from the grand opening sale and had it out on the water today. Such a pretty paddleboard, and I love how easy it is to keep my balance.