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About Cabo Lago

Cabo Lago was born out of a love of water and a search for mindfulness. Started from the banks of Lake Travis just west of Austin, Texas, Cabo Lago is focused on being the best yoga paddleboard brand in the world.

But Cabo Lago is more than a paddle board company. To us, it's a way of life - a way to balance your life and to escape the hustle and bustle of the corporate world. There is nothing more serene than being on a glassy smooth lake first thing in the morning, gliding along on a high quality paddle board. It's just you and the environment, with the only sound coming as your paddle cuts through the water. It is a great escape from the stresses of the everyday world, and also a great workout doing wonders for your body both physically and mentally.

So why choose the name Cabo Lago? After all, Lago is Spanish for lake, and while there are lots of lakes in our hometown of Austin, Texas... sure enough, there are no lakes in Cabo.

But Cabo is a relaxing scenic getaway with a beautiful ocean - perfect for a paddle board. And any "Lago", in Texas or anywhere around the world, could be your personal oasis that is just waiting for your Cabo Lago paddle board to go for a cruise around the lake.

Everyone who orders a board from us will also get what we think is the perfect, most comfortable water use hat in the world - which makes it ideal for paddle boarding, no matter who you are.

We want you to share your photos and videos with us using #CaboLago so that we can see you enjoying our boards - and especially if you have dogs in the photo (#PupsOnSUPs is our favorite hashtag on Instagram).

Our boards are the result of years of figuring out how to improve every other paddleboard that we could find, and that is why we think they are the best boards on the planet. We sure think so.

We hope to earn your business, as we know that you will find that you love paddle boarding and the relaxation that it brings you. We're just happy to be a part of the process.

Thanks for reading
Joe & Kim