1 in Every 50 Orders Are Free

Well, technically, 2 out of every 100 orders ordered from CaboLabo.com are completely free.

There is no fine print, it is true.  We have a weird little thing with the numbers 6 and 24.  It happens to be Joe's birthdate (June 24).  It's also the minute our youngest daughter Lauren was born (6:24pm), and it happens to be the area code for Cabo - which is a great place to pack up one of our paddleboards and go enjoy it in the beautiful ocean for a relaxing vacation (try doing that with a fiberglass board). In an uncanny way, it also seems like every time we look around, there is something with 6 and 24 going on.  

So we want to make something a little bit fun for our customers that ties into 6 and 24, so that maybe it turns out that it becomes your lucky number too. 

Our ordering system assigns each order with a unique number, and they are counted sequentially, one at a time.  We're just now launching this new business venture, and the first order that is placed will be order #1001.

The person who places order #6 (and therefore has order number 1006) will not be charged for their order. And the same goes for order #1024.  And going forward, if you buy something from us and your order number ends in 06 or 24, you will not be charged for the order.  It could be a Cabo Lago shirt, hat or maybe our top of the line paddleboard for over $1000. We have no way of knowing how much this prize is worth, and you will have no way of knowing about your chances to win (until you place your order). But as soon as your order is placed, and you see an order number show up on the screen ending in 06 or 24, it will be your lucky day as well!

Good luck!
Joe & Kim