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Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Boards

What does SUP / iSUP stand for?

Are inflatable boards as durable as fiberglass / carbon boards?

Are inflatable paddle boards stable?

How much does an inflatable paddle board weigh?

How much weight can a Cabo Lago inflatable paddle board hold?

What size board do I need and how big is the Cabo Lago Yoga board?

What size paddle do I need?

Why isn't my pressure gauge on my pump displaying a reading even though the board looks like its pumped up?

Inflatable vs Fiberglass Boards

What are the benefits an inflatable over a fiberglass/carbon board?

Owning an Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board

How long does an iSUP take to inflate?

What PSI do I fill my board to?

How do I store my board?

Do I have to wear a life jacket while paddle boarding?

Buying from Cabo Lago

What is included with my order when I buy a board from Cabo Lago?

How much is shipping?

What is the return policy on my Cabo Lago inflatable stand-up paddle board?

Is there a warranty on my board and accessories?

What safety measures and tips do I need to be aware of when using a Paddleboard?

Distributors / Wholesale

Working with Dealers & Distributors

How can I order Cabo Lago boards and merchandise for my retail store?

Paddle Board Rental Partners

Can I work with Cabo Lago to supply boards to my paddle board rental business?