Cabo Lago Stand-Up Paddle Boards

We're a brand that is committed to making the best possible inflatable stand-up paddle board products for you to enjoy life.  
Designed for yoga, built with stability and style to support a healthy lifestyle, our yoga paddleboards were built with you in mind.

When you buy a paddle board from us, you're a part of the community.  Welcome to the family.

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Why You Should Buy a Cabo Lago Paddle Board

We've spent two years researching and testing the other boards, so that you don't have to.

We learned what is good about other brands, and what needed improvement. And then we built the perfect board that incorporated the best of everything. 

Along the way, we realized that we can build the best inflatable stand-up paddle board in the market, and still keep it affordable to our customers. 

We're working to build a fun business to provide an incredible experience and healthy, mindful lifestyles for our customers.